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Starting Again

December 15, 2019

Woah! a lot has happened till I last created a post.

The most important being, I found a job here with a great company, and have been learning tremendously, both from working on actual live projects and from other developers, designers, product managers and business owners.

I have been learning a lot on my own as well, with a focus on Functional programming in Haskell and Elm. I also gained more insight into React hooks, TypeScript, git, C#, .Net Core, Microsoft DevOps and SQL server, mostly learning them as I use them more and more in my job.

I could not be more happy with how things have developed over the last 6-9 months. The only regret has been that I have not updated and posted here regularly. The plan now is to write a post every two weeks, and reflect on the things I learnt during and before that time.

Things on my plate that I have been learning/working on recently are:

  • Books

    • Haskell Book - stopped at Reader Monad & Monad Transformers, which do not make sense to me right now. The plan is to consolidate the previous learning and then gain fresh insight to understand these things, so I also started reading Real World Haskell.
    • Practical Elm - another book to learn FP, and it is very good at explaining how to organize big projects with Elm.
    • A type of Programming - a great book which has given me a fresh perspective on FP and category theory.
    • Godel, Escher & Bach - read chapter 1, wow!.
    • Clean Code - assigned by the employer, where we discuss 2 chapters in every Dev meeting.
    • Computer Networks - a top down approach - general Computer Science learning.
    • C# in Depth
  • Personal Projects:

    • Voting app in Elm and .Net Core.
    • Interactive credit card.
    • Periodic table app in gatsby.
  • Courses:

    • JS Testing - KC Dodds
    • Responsive Web Design - Scrimba.
    • Modern React tooling - Egghead.
    • Git - Egghead && book
    • Algo and DS - udemy
    • .Net Core MVC - Youtube
  • Other

    • Update Resume
    • Update Blog styles
    • Update Personal Portfolio

So there’s a lot on my plate right now. The problem is I switch context too often and then lose interest in whatever I was doing, and switch to something new. This should stop happening.

The aim here is to consistently create fornightly blog posts and reflect on the above. Hopefully these posts will keep me on track to finish the above projects.

Ali Nisar Ahmed

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